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5,901 unique numbers indexed. 88,937 individual calls in the database. Out of 247 area codes, the most frequently dialed was 202, and next most frequent were 301, 760, 703, 707, and 407. The average call length (excluding calls < 1 min) was 4 minutes.

Important Disclaimer: This data has not been verified by any human beings, and we make no claims about its reliability or accuracy. The dataset was created by parsing the publicly available image files provided by Deborah Jeane Palfrey on her web site. We used commercial optical character recognition software and custom-written text processors to create our database. Given the volume of records, it is entirely possible – indeed, likely – that the automated process misread some phone numbers and locations. Before using this information you should confirm the accuracy of all data by checking the original records, available at deborahjeanepalfrey.com

Please report inaccurately parsed or erroneous data to dembitz@dcphonelist.com